Hey All,


I’m Ashley Sheriff from the Capital Region of New York, and if you love to travel, or need more of it in your life, you’ve come to the right place!  I caught the travel bug at a very early age and the only cure for it is more cowbell travel.  I’ve adventured in 31 states, 14 countries, and I seize any chance I get to travel and explore even more.  Join me here as I take you on day trip adventures all over and show you the best ways to make the most of any trip.


Growing up my parents were awesome enough to take my brothers and I on vacations frequently throughout each year.  We regularly traveled to Florida to visit my grandparents from my dad’s side, took weekend trips in New England to visit mine and my mom’s true love, the beach, and day trips throughout New York, Vermont and Massachusetts to explore museums, candy shops and amusement parks, among so many other places.  We still daytrip together several times a year (including just this past weekend!), but now I also travel quite a bit with friends, other family members, and mostly with my brother Dan & sister-in-law Kristine.


From sixth grade through senior year of high school I traveled quite a bit with Girl Scouts and school groups.  With Girl Scouts there were countless day and weekend trips taken with my troop (don’t worry I won’t mention you by name, Scout’s honor), as well as five 1 ½ to 2 week long trips with other Girl Scouts from all over the United States.  These trips, offered through councils outside of my home area, were based in New Jersey, Buffalo, Philadelphia and Michigan, and lastly a sailing excursion through the Florida Keys.  Through school I adventured on day trips to Cooperstown, NY (ah the infamous bus incident), Plymouth, MA and Salem, MA, and also a weeklong trip to Orlando with the track team.


Then in college I took traveling to the max with six trips overseas, five of which were for short terms study abroad programs offered directly though my school!  I’ve roamed the green lands of Ireland, climbed Mayan ruins in Guatemala and Belize (Xunantunich? Been there, done that!), hiked in the Swiss Alps, walked the entire city of London in one day (I’m positive we set foot on every square inch), and explored the ancient ruins all over Greece and Gaudi’s many architectural feats throughout Barcelona.


It was also during college that I began traveling with friends and extended family quite often.  In addition to many trips around the country to stay with friends on quite a few breaks and summers off from school, my biggest trip ever was during the summer of 2008 when I traveled with my Aunt Sheila, Uncle Mike and three of my cousins, Kelcie, Sierra, and Carly, for an entire month out west.  We watched the fountains dance at The Bellagio in Las Vegas, explored the red rock formations around Sedona, Arizona, soared like Olympians in Salt Lake City, Utah, (and lest we forget our wild horse adventures in Park City), survived a crazy river tubing trip in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, adventured through Yellowstone National Park via stays in Montana and throughout the park itself (where we had very close encounters with a buffalo and an angry elk), and ended the trip in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, one of my all-time favorite places to visit and explore, and where I stayed for another two weeks, after my family left, at my friend Amy’s house.  Several times when she had to get from WY to Charlotte, North Carolina, we traveled cross-country, taking a completely different route each time, so we could explore cities and states we’d never been to before including Nashville, Tennessee (word to the wise, do not attempt to drive from Denver to Nashville in one day), Little Rock, Arkansas, and St Louis, Missouri, just to name a few.


The past several years I’ve mainly stuck to traveling more locally, with weekend trips in New England and day trips from home.


As for this blog, you may have gathered from its name that posts will be centered on day trips, and based on my current location most posts will be mainly focused on day trips in and from the Capital Region of New York.  But wait, before any of you folks from other regions of the country or the world run off, thinking this blog isn’t for you, I present a twist! (And who doesn’t love a great plot twist when it promises to add so much more?)  As I’ve mentioned above, I’ve been on many trips of quite varying lengths all over the United States, Central America and Europe, so I have many stories, tips and travel ideas to offer to you all.  While a day trip obviously lasts only one day, and all definitions found online specifically mention no overnights shall be included, I’m here to break the mold a bit.  In addition to taking day trips from wherever you live, you should be filling all trips and vacations with day trips as well, to ensure you see everything each area  of the world has to offer.  Most of the longer trips I’ve taken, including my trip out west, all of my trips overseas, and all of our family trips to FL, were made up of many day trips peppered in to fill the week or strung together to entirely make up the week or longer we were traveling.  If you only have one chance to travel to a certain location, or don’t know when you’ll make it back there again, you should plan to explore not only the area where you’re staying, but also areas in all other directions from there by planning day trips to see and do it all.


So, in addition to weekly posts featuring awesome day trips from the Capital Region, which will make for a fun filled vacation for anyone visiting this area from out of town, I will also be featuring monthly trips around the US and the world, with stories from my trips to those locations, plus info and tips on what to see and do in that area and in many areas only a day trip away from there.  That way, if you decide to go to any of those places yourself, you’ll return home knowing you saw all the best places that place has to offer.


Travel with me on this new journey as we explore the best day trips based out of New York’s Capital Region, and day trip our way around the world to truly make the most of every adventure.

Until then, catch ya later Daytrippers!