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Hey Daytrippers! I'm Ashley Sheriff, and I love to travel near and far, on short day trips and extended excursions. I've explored more than half the states throughout the US, plus over a dozen countries between Canada, Central America and Europe. No matter where I venture to, or how much time I have, I always make the most of my time by utilizing day trips and multi-location days to see and do more so I don't miss a thing.

Here I'll show you places around the US and the world which are perfect for day trips, and how to plan perfect day trips and vacations. Many posts here feature a bit of history behind many locations and travel related topics. I'll also share ways of making the most of your travel time, how to earn and save for and on your travels, and a variety of other tips and tricks for planning, packing, figuring out where to go, and much more.

Join me on my adventures and keep me in the loop on yours as well!

Cap Cod area beach

Cap Cod area beach


Learn about my how I caught the travel bug, some of the awesome trips I've taken, and how I've gained my travel expertise.

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Oh The Places You'll Go room | Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum

Oh The Places You'll Go room | Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum

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